Spelthorne Local Plan

Spelthorne progresses its Local Plan

After several months of delays, Spelthorne Borough Council has begun the next phase in the preparation of their evidence base to inform the Local Plan process. The “Call for Sites” began on 18th October and will run until 10th January, and will provide information on the land available in Spelthorne where new homes could be delivered.

An independent Strategic Housing Market Assessment found that Spelthorne needs to provide between 552-757 homes per year until 2030, so this exercise will help identify what land is available to accommodate more homes. This will encompass all available land in the Borough, some of which may currently be constrained for development by flood zones and the Green Belt.

The task for the Council will then be to determine which sites are the most sustainable, andsuitable, fordevelopment.

The Council is also conducting a review of its Green Belt boundaries, and is currently consulting on how this should be carried out.

Considering the lack of brownfield sites in the Borough, as well as the large amount of land at risk of flooding, it is likely that some Green Belt land will need to be used for housing if the Council’s Local Plan is to be found sound at independent examination.

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