Information Day

Information Day report back

Redrow would like to thank all those who attended the Information Day, which was held at Kempton Park on Saturday 23rd April. The aim of the Information Day was to introduce members of the project team; provide an overview of Redrow’s involvement in the land to the east of Kempton Park; introduce Redrow's approach to promote the site through Spelthorne Borough Council’s Local Plan process and provide local residents with an opportunity to share their views.

In total the event attracted 230 attendees, mostly from the Sunbury and Hampton area, and the project team received 118 pieces of written feedback.  

Key Summary of feedback

  • Over half of attendees found the session useful;
  • 57% of respondents were aware of previous gravel quarrying activities on the site;
  • The main issues affecting Sunbury and Hampton residents are considered to be:
    • Traffic Congestion;
    • Health Care;
    • Loss of Green Belt land;
    • School Places; and
    • Air Quality.
  • 45% of Sunbury and Hampton respondents felt that there was no need for new homes in Spelthorne. However 55% either felt new homes were necessary or unsure about the local need for housing.
  • If a development was to come forward on the Kempton Park site, local residents expressed the desire for:
    • A Health Centre;
    • Parks/Wildlife Corridors; and
    • A School.

Next Steps

Redrow has appointed consultants for traffic, planning and the environment. After reviewing the comments received at the Information Day, Redrow is working with the project team to address the matters that were raised to inform the proposals moving forwards.

Redrow is committed to working alongside the local community during the promotion of the site. Over 65% of residents expressed an interest in participating in further discussions regarding the site, and there will be further opportunities for local residents to share their views moving forwards.