Heathrow Decision

Ministers approve third runway at Heathrow

The Government has given its support for a third runway at Heathrow Airport, which it says will improve the UK’s connections with the rest of the world and “support trade and jobs”. The long-awaited decision was made at a Cabinet Committee on Tuesday despite opposition from some ministers with constituencies near to the flight path.

Although construction is not likely to begin until at least 2020, the expansion of Heathrow could result in changes to housing and employment forecasts in the west London and Thames corridor areas, including Spelthorne, where the Council supported the expansion.

Local authorities will need to work together to ensure the delivery of new infrastructure and housing, which will be necessary to support growth in the local job market and to house populations displaced by the new runway. They will also need to ensure that the housing need outlined by the Airports Commission, of 60-70,000 homes, is met in addition to the existing unmet housing need in their areas. 

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