Nowadays you can’t open a newspaper without hearing the term housing crisis but what does this actually mean? We are not building enough homes and the existing limited supply is too expensive for most of us to afford. If we do not get on and build more homes, this problem will only get worse.

The National Housing Federation conducted a study into Surrey’s Housing Crisis. Overall they found that house prices in the region were the highest outside of London and an average home in the county costs 12x the average salary

What is your council doing to solve the surrey housing crisis?

Spelthorne Borough Council is currently carrying out a review of its Local Plan, which will set out the future development of the area. Their own analysis says it needs to provide between 552 and 757 new homes per year to cope with demand and tackle the housing crisis.

How can you help build more homes?

Spelthorne Borough Council has begun reviewing its Local Plan and will be consulting the public on how it plans to deliver more homes. Curtin&Co (working with the housebuilder Redrow Homes), wishes to help those who want to see more housing built locally make their case to the Council through the Local Plan review process, to ensure that the Council receives a balanced view on the local need for housing.

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